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Default This is a solution I found

HI, This is the solution, I found :
Explaining it the practicle way...On windows 7 with a BE-FR KB, to use the cltr+$ key combination to show all characters in Np++ .
(step 0. --probably useless but might make things clearer -- On BE-FR KB, using KeyTweak, get the scan code (scancode = 27))
step 1. On BE-FR KB, using Nirsoft KeyboardStateView, identify the virtual key Scan code : <$> physical key's Virktual Key = VK_OEM_1
step 2. In US-EN KB, using Nirsoft KeyboardStateView, Identify the physical key who has the same virtual key (step 2.1 Adjust windows system to use a US-EN keyboard, step 2.2 Open on-screen keyboard (it should be qwerty),step 2.3 Try the different keys to identify the key which corresponds to the VK_OEM_1 on the US-EN KB (in this case , this is the semicolon<;> key ).
Step 3. in in the shortcut mapper of Np++, use the <;> instead of the <]>.

Sauf erreur, Here you have the full list of EN-US KB mappings

EnKbVK EnKbChar Scan code

VK_OEM_3 EnKbChar=` Scan code=1

VK_OEM_Minus EnKbChar=- Scan code=12

VK_OEM_PLus EnKbChar== Scan code=13

VK_OEM_4 EnKbChar=[ Scan code=26

VK_OEM_6 EnKbChar=] Scan code=27

VK_OEM_1 EnKbChar=; Scan code=39

VK_OEM_7 EnKbChar=' Scan code=40

VK_OEM_5 EnKbChar=\ Scan code=43

VK_OEM_Mkey EnKbChar=m Scan code=50

VK_OEM_comma EnKbChar=, Scan code=51

VK_OEM_period EnKbChar=. Scan code=52

VK_OEM_2 EnKbChar=/ Scan code=53

(VK_OEM_102 (lower row left) EnKbChar=????? Scan code=86)

I suppose these mappings substitution are not limited to Np++.
!!!!!!!! There is a DOUBLE substitution between different keyboard layouts, one is for the scan code sent by the physical keyboard, one at the software level !!!!!

Should I share that information ? What site would allow that?
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