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Agree about Opera notes, I did use it a lot and it would be nice to have it back but I suppose there are extensions that will do the job. Still, I would have more use for a built-in notes feature than some of the latest stuff they've incorporated in to the browser.

I haven't used Vivaldi in a while, last time I did I found the amount of settings to be overbearing to be honest - too many choices and options are not always a good thing, for me personally, and I found the UI not to my liking but each to their own.

I use Cent more and more to be honest. I think it's a better browser than Opera, for lots of different reasons and it's definitely quicker. They do a reasonable job of keeping up with the latest Chrome version, although sometimes there is a bit of a wait, but they're a very small team and time and resources obviously come in to play. But I can make it extremely efficient with only a small amount of extensions - five to be exact, one for notes included and I much prefer the UI over Opera's.

I have tried a few different browsers just recently but uninstalled them after a week or so of use. Opera is set as my default. Cent is my alternative and I'm happy with that for now. I do occasionally use Edge and it's not bad with certain extensions installed but I just can't seem to take to it in a sense that I want to use it more often.

My Opera speed dial tiles have now reverted to their original colours. Bizarre, but much easier on the eye than Purple and Green

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