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Originally Posted by EldonW View Post
I have turned of updates in Windows 7 Ultimate since 2010.
And I have absolutely no issues/problems/malware/etc.
Wow since 2010! - you are one of those few people not being watched by Microsoft even while in the bathroom I would really like to know what made you do this as far back as 2010.

I came to know of the telemetry affair much later than that. I blocked MS updates on Windows 7 only a little over an year ago, after manually removing telemetry updates that were already installed without my knowledge. It was to make sure that I haven't missed any, that the question in this thread was posted.

Originally Posted by EldonW View Post
I have been on the internet without an AV for many months.
I have been without AV for five years. Scans and cleanups occasionally detected some small unwanted file and removed it. Apart from that, just like your Windows Ultimate, all three of my operating systems Windows XP, 7 and Q4OS are also working perfectly .
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