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I don't care about Netflix or the news feeds either, danielson. I use Netflix all the time but don't need a browser to tell me what I want or don't want to watch. Same with the news, I'm capable of finding out what I want to read or whatever. So all that stuff is useless to me but I appreciate that others will find it useful. And that's the thing, they give you options to turn it on or off, so you don't have to have it all showing - it's easy to turn it all off via the Easy Setup on the speed dial page.

That's why I get slightly confused as to why, given the choice of options in Opera, they will not give you the option to set a search engine of your own choice as default search - well, I do know, and it's about income but still, every other browser seems to let you do that.

Most of the new features in Opera don't interest me at all, Netflix, news, crypto wallets and all the rest of it but still it remains a good solid, secure browser with regular updates etc. and for that reason I stick with it .... and plus I also like the UI, even better than the old Opera and also they still provide Turbo. So it's not bad, and it's what you get used to.

In this latest version I've noticed that the speed dial tiles changing colour bug appears to have got worse though, and I can't correct it by refreshing the page like I could previously. Lots of Purple and Green tiles now. Not something that pleases my eye too much but it's not the end of the world and hopefully they'll fix it eventually.
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