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Finally found the time (last weekend) to sort the laptop out after the failed October Update. I used the Reset this PC option in settings and selected remove everything when prompted. Left it overnight to do its thing. Checking it the following morning, it was asking if I wanted to clear the TPM so I opted to do so and let it go through the motions.

The laptop eventually re-started and after going through the set-up options Windows 10 had re-installed to Version 1803; OS Build 17134.320.

After manually checking for updates it installed another cumulative update plus updates for Adobe Flash, WMSRT and, after having enabled it, the latest updates for Windows Defender. And that was it, no offer of 1809 so I left it at that.

I booted the machine each evening, through the week, and got WD updates but still no 1809. A bit of checking around and found out that once again 1809 is blocked only this time it's Intel who have had MS pull the upgrade to machines with certain versions of Intel Graphics and Display Audio drivers;

Anyway, my daughter took the laptop off my hands on Thursday evening so I'm now free of it. I'll never buy another Windows laptop or, if at all possible, anything fitted with Intel components running Windows. I've had enough of wasting my time (and money) due to these people.

My desktop however continues to run fine with Version 1809 - AMD Processor, apart from the seemingly endless Restore Points being created by the Windows Modules Installer;

... which is more of a nuisance really but does consume quite large amounts of disc space. I've taken to removing them with my portable CCleaner rather than stopping the process altogether.

I found this an enlightening read;

.... and yet;

At least the shareholders will be happy, which is all that matters to companies like MS
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