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Default Geo-Locating in FastStone ???

First let me say that FastStone is our favorite image organizing program - period.

I was just reading this review:

Twice it makes mention of FastStones geo-location/GPS ability.
I am already acquainted with FastStone's ability to show coordinates already installed in the image file on a Google map simply by clicking the GPS bar at the bottom of the "Image Properties" dialogue; click on GPS and a Google map opens to display the location --- providing there is an internet connection.
This is a very neat and useful feature.

My question is, does FastStone have the capability ( that I have not yet been able to find ) to click a spot on the map and the coordinates then be written into an image file that does not yet have them ?

I am hoping that this ability is there and I just haven't yet been smart enough to find it.

Thanks for reading and all help is appreciated.
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