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Office 365 has taken over the default file associations which is why you cannot open an Excel file and get Excel 2010 because Windows is still looking for Excel 365. The files still open correctly from Excel 2010 but the Excel files are not associated with it.

The options you have are probably as follows:
  1. Change the file associations to point at the correct executable file e.g. to Excel 2010. This change should stick provided that Office 365 is uninstalled, otherwise the default file association will revert back to Office 365.
    You can fix this manually but it is easier to try an automated method like this one:
    The answer on this webpage has more information on re-registering Office applications:
  2. Uninstall Office 201, restart the computer and reinstall Office 2010. This is a longer task but the simpler option if you can't change the default file associations.

Note that Office 365 can be installed so it doesn't affect those file associations but you have to choose this at install time. In your case it was too late.
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