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Originally Posted by MidnightCowboy View Post
A lot of Linux forum members and the admins running them have still to realize that snarky comments about 'searching' or 'learning to use the terminal' achieve nothing except to drive people to other distros or back to Windows.
I found a couple of Linux distro forums that were really friendly and helpful but sadly I preferred other distros, some of which definitely discouraged newbies by expecting them all to want to become Linux gurus ("Read, read, read" and "How to Compile" - in the Newbie section). I have no desire in that direction, I just want a distro that I can use to be as productive as I am in Windows. I use a Linux distro despite the official distro forum, not because of it.

So posts about 'best of' distros are of great interest. Very tempted by MX.
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