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To flesh out the previous post a bit more, here's some more detail.

Most web browsers allow command-line parameters to be appended. An important feature of command-line strings is the need to correctly use quotation marks (") to enclose delimiters so they aren't assumed to be part of the command. This means that spaces in file paths and slashes (/) in URLs need to be enclosed in quotation marks to ensure they are interpreted correctly

Here's the command-line to access this webpage in a new tab in Firefox on my computer. If Firefox is already running then the new tab will appear in the current window.
"C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe" -URL ""

To use this in a shortcut I would create a Firefox shortcut then append the URL parameter to it:
-URL ""

I could also change the name of the shortcut so it makes sense.

I got the command details from the Firefox command-line options.
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