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Not directly related to this thread but may be of general interest assuming users have USB3.

I now use an external SSD for all my distro testing to avoid messing with my stable main drive configuration which is Windows 7 + one Linux dual boot.

Depending on the distro, not always will grub install to the external drive despite being told to and even if it does it wonít show in the main grub menu although a simple sudo update-grub will fix that. Any other issues I have always managed to fix via a live session of MX-17 boot tools.

The system I have will not boot at all thereafter unless the external drive is attached but if needed to remove this just boot the internal Linux system with it in, remove the external drive and then sudo update-grub again to remove the external drive boot entry.

Maybe this isnít the best way to go about this but it does work for me and avoids tinkering with the internal drive partitions.
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