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Windows uses DiskPart and I've used it for the same purpose. But I would generally use GParted from booted removable media because this means that both installed OS would be off-line.

The exact sequence depends upon the partition sequence of the partitions. You will free up space first by shrinking the XP partition, move a partition and then expand the MX-16 partition. I'd generally defrag the XP partition to pack the files from the start of the XP partition. If the XP partition is before the MX-16 partition then the XP partition shrinks before moving the MX-16 partition and then expanding it.

GParted can queue tasks but my personal preference is to do each step separately so diagnosis is easier if something goes wrong.

I've just realised that I haven't had to do any of this for a few years because drive sizes are now so large compared to my file storage needs.

P.S. I didn't notice the image so I've only just looked at it. Your steps will be slightly more complicated because You will be moving the extended partitions rather than just the MX-16 partition.
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