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Default Help with resizing partition on HDD

I currently have XP and MX-16 in a dual boot configuration. The largest partition on the HDD contains XP and the smallest MX-16.

I now need to make more room for MX-16 as i now use this as my main OS. I have 310 GB unused on the XP pert of the drive and only 1.65 GB on the MX-16 partition. Ideally I would like to have about 260 GB for MX-16.

Do I expand the MX-16 partition or shrink the XP one?
Also, should I use GParted to do this in Linux or use the software I have in Windows (sorry, I can't remember the name) to achieve this?

Here is a link to how my HDD looks in more detail:

Any help would be much appreciated.

(Mx16 + Cx1 + Lx2) + (Tx5 + Nx2 + Bx33)
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