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Default Solus Budgie 3.9999

The previous thread on Solus dates back almost 2 years!!

Presently dual-booting Solus Budgie 3.9999 with Windows 10 64bit.

For some reason, just like Firefox, i try other browsers and distros but always come back to these two (Solus Budgie and Firefox). Why?

Well, strictly Solus is:
1. super quiet on the HP Elitebook (one of the noisiest laptops ever!);
2. super fast to boot and shutdown (possibly fastest compared to other distros i've tried);
3. the simplicity of its GUI and minimal software installed and repo. offer an incentive to stick to the bare necessities. I tend to do so many things on the web but need to focus more on work. Solus should help (if i can stick to it!);
4. for those who complain about lack of software in repo., with the advent of Flatpak and Snap (Dedoimedo should now consider this in a future review) which i believe is the future of things, so many good apps are freely available and automatically updated (i.e. LibreOffice, Simplenote etc.).

So, end word.
Solus Budgie is hopefully going to make me a happy camper and keep me away from Windows 10.
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