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Originally Posted by torres-no-tan-magnifico View Post
If the CD won't play on your PC or on a CD player then it is not a hardware issue: the fact that the CD shows 0 bytes probably means it has no audio data on the CD ie it is a blank CD!

That's what I would figure as well, but somehow it has the track length in there...
One thing I've noticed with damaged CDs is that every drive reads them differently. I remember ripping one CD and hearing clicking in a certain part of the track. I tried ripping it with another CD drive (back in the days when it wasn't unusual for a tower to have multiple CD/DVD drives), and sure enough, the clicking disappeared. I also later tried it with a CD that had significant damage (skipping etc.) and it definitely made a difference which drive it was in - every drive in every computer in the house played it differently. So that might be one idea worth a shot. Also you could try to clean the CD (but be very careful with that - read up about it before you do anything) in the case that dirt might be causing problems.
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