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Originally Posted by Anupam View Post
Anyone else noticed this "bug" in Windows? It has existed since Windows 7 I think.

When you try to find the size of a first folder or first file in a folder, by hovering the mouse over it, it just won't show. You have to hover the mouse over any other folder or file in that particular folder, and then, when you hover the mouse over the first folder or file again, the size and details will be shown.

If there is only a single file or folder in a directory, it won't work, and you have to see it by right-clicking, and then choosing Properties.
Noticed a few days ago, that this bug seems to have been fixed now. Even with a single file or folder in a directory, it now shows details when you hover the mouse over it. So, this was indeed a bug, and it was very old. Don't know how it got their attention, but it's a good thing this has been fixed.
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