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Originally Posted by deya View Post
MC, that may be so, what you say about Linux, but I don't use it so wouldn't know. I don't know any one, personally, that uses it either, consumer or enterprise and most of them will never have heard of it. They need to market it more, make it more appealing so that people might want to try it, see it as an alternative. But if that did happen, it wouldn't be long before it started to face the same issues we're discussing here. If Linux became popular to the masses, sheep, as you call them, then the marketers and data harvesters would follow. It's probably best left as a niche product for those that use it, that way they can keep using it the way they prefer it.
Certainly Linux would become more of a target if it was more widely used (PC that is since the majority of servers already use it).

Two things though already stand out.

First you don't need a CCleaner type product for Linux but yes they do exist if folks insist on having one but being Linux they don't adopt the same strategy as Piriform, nor would they be allowed to.

Second, the nature of how Linux is constructed makes it very difficult to get into any sort of security mess unless you physically bypass the default settings. Yes there has been the odd repository hack but these have been quickly fixed with no reported user affects.

Sure if Linux suddenly gained a 50% market share things might change but this is unlikely given Microsoft and Apple's stranglehold on the industry and I prefer to deal with things as they are now and not how they might be if.

A great example of commercial users going down this path is Modicia OS that was developed by a bunch of Italian IT guys originally for their own business use but now available for free to everyone. It's almost a whopping 4G download because it contains a whole raft of pre-configured and optimized apps and most general users will never need to install anything else. Many of these programs have identical Windows apps so the only real learning curve is with the system settings for the Xfce desktop and half an hour with the wiki or various forums will quickly resolve this.
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