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Time and again, I have written in my posts how Linux has its own shortcomings, and unless they solve that, it won't become popular with users like Windows. And even if a few people from here do start to use Linux, it isn't going to make much of a difference in the present situation.

And I think I will agree with deya, once Linux becomes popular, there are high chances that the same practices will follow on it too.

I have stopped using WOT. I would like to continue using it, and it is a very useful service, but the fact that what sites I am visiting, is being noted, I just don't feel comfortable.

Yes, Avast and CCleaner aren't doing anything different from Windows, or Google, or Facebook, but they way they are going about it, that what makes me feel uncomfortable, and angry, and yes, it's even creepy, as deya puts it. If you are collecting data, be upfront about it, and not resort to such ways to fool users.

Atleast Microsoft are upfront about their collection of data and its use, and they do provide options to turn off some of the data collection, if not all of it.
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