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MC, that may be so, what you say about Linux, but I don't use it so wouldn't know. I don't know any one, personally, that uses it either, consumer or enterprise and most of them will never have heard of it. They need to market it more, make it more appealing so that people might want to try it, see it as an alternative. But if that did happen, it wouldn't be long before it started to face the same issues we're discussing here. If Linux became popular to the masses, sheep, as you call them, then the marketers and data harvesters would follow. It's probably best left as a niche product for those that use it, that way they can keep using it the way they prefer it.

I've dabbled with it in the past but it wasn't for me and personally don't see it as an alternative. I like Windows 10 and am happy enough with how I run it. I don't see adverts, targeted or otherwise, ever, and at no point have I felt that the data it may gather is used in any fruadulent or negative way. Admittedly, I have altered many privacy settings though, unlike many who use it.

As for using niche Operating Systems, I did that by using Blackerry OS for many years on my phones, and QNX with a Blackberry tablet. Both secure, both very good, but in the end that strategy failed. Blackberry almost went bust and I ended up with several useless devices. It got to a point where they just became obsolete because the apps that people wanted weren't there, the platform didn't support them, developers weren't willing to commit to it and also, phone providers stopped selling them. I still use Blackberry, but they run Android now. Like it or not, I have to move with the times.

Even if you use Linux on your PC, but then use Android or iOS on your phone, your data will be gathered. Your privacy will be lost and as Anupam has mentioned in his post, above, if they don't get you one way, they'll get you another.

WOT stole our data, probably still are and yet I still use it. It's recommended on this site and links are judged by it. Now CCleaner is going down the same route. Two decent pieces of software that many have used for years. How do we as users combat that? ... other than stopping using them?

You can't blame the masses (sheep). The blame lies squarely at the feet of the creeps who exploit them.
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