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deya, that's the thing, whatever you do, some amount of information will always be available to them, from somewhere or the other. Heck, if you are on internet, or online anywhere, like Facebook, Whatsapp, your information is already out there. We have to accept it because it's everywhere, and a few people cannot make any difference about it. You are right, most of the people aren't knowledgeable about it, or simply don't care. I am a bit careful, but even I do not delve so deep into it as to block everything, because it's really futile, and I do not have the time or energy for it. Whatever I can, I do.

Yes, Windows 10 collects data itself, and there is no way to stop it, unless I use a program like O&O Shutup10, but then, I don't use it, in case Windows breaks somehow, and I have to solve it.

I use Facebook, and Whatsapp too, but as I said earlier, I have to, because my friends and family use them. If it was for me, I would opt for Telegram instead of Whatsapp, but it's not my choice. I have to
use Whatsapp unwillingly.

I don't use Cortana, and I don't use the Google Assistant on Android. These collect a lot of your personal data, so I avoid them. They do seem helpful, when I see others using Google Assistant to locate services and other things, but I just avoid it. I can always open a browser and search for things, rather than speaking to the Assistant.

So, you cannot stop your data, you can just minimize it. But, they are still getting data for majority of people who do not even know about these things. We have to accept it, because we cannot do anything about it.

But yes, scandals like the recent one with Facebook, certainly do stir things up, and sometimes it does create ripples. Like it was in the news yesterday that Facebook has suffered huge losses, so they are
paying for it in some way. Same with Twitter... their user base has declined.

Oh, incident about Twitter. I had a Twitter account, and I deleted it months back. It was told that the account will be deleted in a month (I think), and so I did not login for a month on Twitter. Recently, I
decided to check with my login and password, and guess what, even after several months, or maybe an year, my account is still there. I am furious.

Also, I recently noticed, earlier there was an option to delete your Facebook account from the settings. Now, I only see an option to deactivate, and not delete. Maybe it comes if you select the deactivate option. But, really, whatever these companies are doing isn't good, and somewhere down the line, they will have to pay for it. Things don't last forever and change happens. For now, they can enjoy making money with their tricks, but sometime, they will bite the dust, because such practices don't give good results down the line.
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