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Yes, caught up unwillingly is a good way of phrasing it - and we can always do something about it, like not using it or using an older, portable version or whatever. These people think we're all the same colour as the grass and to be honest most people are indeed green, no disrespect intended, when it comes to tech stuff - OS's, programs, apps etc. This is how tech companies are getting away with it.

I often wonder what the heck they want it for - all this data but then, on the other hand, I probably don't want to know. It's creepy.

It doesn't really matter which OS or whatever you use, because somewhere along the line they'll get your data one way or another. And if you're well enough informed to try and do something to limit it then it becomes a constant battle. It's tiresome, to the point where now I pay one of the guys who works for us, with way more knowledge than me, to sort this stuff out. I just don't have the time anymore.

For home use, I try to use programs that are more ethical when it comes to privacy and marketing but it's becoming harder to find them, or they once were but now have changed their stance and decided to join the data harvesting free for all.

Even then, after being selective with your choice of programs/apps the Operating System itself is hard at it, trying to gather as much information as is possible. In my case it's Windows 10 - my choice so can't complain, and I try to limit the data gathering. To what effect I have to admit I'm really not quite sure how well I'm doing in that department but I suspect (hope) it's better than many.

If Windows doesn't get me then there's my phone(s) - Android these days, and boy, that has to be the biggest data thieving piece of software ever developed for the masses, Facebook included. I never wanted to go the Android route but, needs must. Again, I try to restrict the data harvesting but fear (know) that's an almost impossible task. I even use Whatsapp these days so I've obviously lost my mind and given up all hope.

In the grand scheme of things I feel that what Avast/Piriform are now doing is fairly mild in comparison. Doesn't make it any less annoying. It's just the way of the world.

Wittingly, unwittingly. Willingly, unwillingly. The battle wears you down eventually, to the point where you begin to accept it - and that's the really sad part.
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