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Absolutely my thoughts too deya, I agree with you fully. And I too thought the same thing as you did from their statement.

Data of users, whether it's personal or not, is becoming a market, and companies do not care, because they have to make money, and money is being made these days by this way. Companies like Avast are becoming the very thing they wanted to protect users from.

I use Avast antivirus, and sometimes it shows pop-up about hardening privacy with some settings (I don't exactly remember the pop-up). So, on one had they tell via their antivirus to protect privacy, and on the other hand, they themselves want to collect data of users through their own products and that too in such way.

Really, it's all becoming pathetic... no sense of ethics.

They released the slim version because they wanted people to update all versions of their software, so that the new changes are effective immediately. Otherwise, the slim version was made available after nearly a month.

People keep using the products because there are no other options, or not good options, and also, this is the new normal nowadays.

I have Facebook, and I do want to get rid of it, considering the news about Facebook lately, but I cannot because it's the means for me to be connected with my friends and family and they all use Facebook, and because there is no other such good option.

We are just caught up unwillingly.
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