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Originally Posted by danielson View Post
MC, you should insert link to a video "tuto" as the French say.
Mostly not a good idea because folks view these things then try to implement them for their own system which is likely not the same as mine.

Especially regarding Compiz, Linux kernel and system graphics can all cause issues so users are best advised to search their own distro forum for instructions and comments before deciding if any of the downside issues reported are worth the risk.

On my Intel i5, LG AIO system for instance it crashes totally if I set Compiz to run at start. Running from terminal after boot via “compiz –replace” however causes not a single issue with the latest Zorin Lite.

Adding Emerald can also be a bit complicated because some systems will need the “libemeraldengine” installed in addition to Emerald itself and mostly neither are available via the distro’s own repo. Worse still, these files are often available from sources such as webupd8 and the version numbers might not be compatible.

Suffice to say you also need to learn how to configure CCSM before trying to run either Compiz or Emerald themes.

The good news is most distros will allow you to test this via a live session which will give a good idea how your system will react to a fully installed configuration.

Regarding the addition of base themes as opposed to Emerald themes, it depends on the DE as to how easy these are to install and change. Cinnamon for instance has an install source selection and for MATE you can just drag compatible packages into the settings panel. For some others you can create .themes and .icons folders (if they don’t already exist) and just copy downloaded compatible theme files into those directories. In addition to themes available on sites such as gnome-look and omgubuntu, some distros such as Chalet OS and Voyager ship with their own custom themes. These you can use too by downloading the ISO, booting into a live session and then copying the theme files to an external source.
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