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Thanks for this, danielson. Been looking to give a different browser a try, wasn't sure which one but decided to give this a go after seeing your link and also because of the Android version.

I installed the Android version on a tablet I have, even though you get the warning 'This app is in development. It may be unstable' - Once installed, uBlocko added, it's working fine so far. Messed about with it for a while and it seems like a decent browser so I installed it on my Win 10 desktop as well.

Can't recall ever using it before, maybe I have at some point in the past but can't remember. Anyway, it's a nice browser so I'll stick with it and see how it goes - I've now also installed it on my phone. I like the option to use uBlocko on that as well.

I'll use it for a while and see what it's like regards data usage, battery usage etc. I generally use Yandex on my mobile devices because of the option to run Adguard, but the last couple of releases have seen the browser crashing quite often so, maybe Waterfox is the solution to my problem.

I'm usually reluctant to get involved with the one man developer type browsers (lack of updates etc.) but what the heck. In for penny, in for a pound and we'll see. Looking at his blog, he's going to have coffee coming out of his ears if people keep buying him them at the rate they're going.

Thanks again
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