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Those with routers using better firmware like Tomato might want to cache dns names. Default in Tomato is only 150, Ive set mine to 4000. I transmit from Europe where they only have 2 servers, but never suffered from speed problems. I know some who have. Lookups can be 3-4 times slower than to ISP, but thanks to cache that is a minor issue.

Another advantage of Tomato is DNS server can be forced. If set up right there is no way ISP will be used no matter set up in OS. If Opendns is used as parental control this matters.

Firefox and Chrome also cache dns names, now also pre-cache them. Enter a page and they will look-ahead. Why did they bother? as someone said about speed it "adds up"

You only need ip-software if you use account at Opendns, they need to know where you are. May be possible to do in router. They have a DNS-O-Matic for this btw. Neat if you use more services requiring ip. Click documentation to see software/hardware support.

Why? Had to try it and like control panel. If I had kids or uncontrollable grown ups using my computer I would probably take more advantage of blocking. And I do not agree with my ISP about blocking

Problem with Opendns is they might be good with blocking porn but they are useless when it comes to malware. Hardly anything is done. Has been talked about for a long long time. Browsers are doing it, some Anti-whatever are trying and WOT is superb, but Opendns can be made systemwide protection with router magic - big difference. Seems like a wasted opportunity to me. They should just dump the not working social angle, get some dedicated domain hunters aboard. Soon 1000s of sites would be blocked - such sites are not up for debate. Must be blocked so no risk of complaints. Instead they try to find "reputable" sources and safe way for community to test. Test what? Will never happen and there must be other reasons - still, very cool service.

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