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Hi again,

There were quite a few of these 'Converters' most withdrawn by Microsoft now. I thought there was a 'pack' with most of them in it.

One of them I found still online at Microsoft is the Works 6-9 Converter pack. I am currently working on those files that this allows me to open and saving them into .doc etc. There appears to be no loss of formatting so it is a tad easier than using Libre Office.

I do have other wps files back from Works 4 which I also just found the converter for (4 - 4.5 converter pack) and quite a lot from Works 3 which I haven't found a converter for yet and which totally lose their formatting regardless of the Office program I use .

I shouldn't have thrown my old computer out before I got all the information of the floppies :-) Fortunately most of the floppies are still in good condition and I am able to copy them onto my computer.

I have other files created in Works 2 and 3 which I had running on my first 3.1 computer including database and spreadsheet, some old Word Perfect files, some PCX clip art files which I can open in Libre Office but not insert directly into Word 2010. Workaround has been to copy and paste. Also some obscure Ami Pro and Word Star (for dos) but I'll worry about them later.

I am probably doing this in a convoluted way but being retired I have the time. I'll let you know how I go :-)


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