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Had a couple of issues with FF 57 Beta. Machine froze then crashed while running a YouTube video with a couple more tabs open, fine after restart so left it alone but some while later I went to use the machine, woke it from sleep, clicked the FF start menu icon and the machine froze once more. Completely locked. Had to hard reboot. Decided to uninstall the browser, ran Geek but FF wouldn't uninstall. Ended up having to force remove - second time I've had this happen with it. Maybe it's Geek, or FF Beta is just hard to shift.

So decided to try the portable version, which I'm using now and with the same set up as the installed version I had. So far so good, no freezes or crashes. One thing I noticed was CPU was running quite high, and on looking at task manager noticed Windows Search Indexer ran at every page load. Went into index options and unckecked it from search. Not sure if this only happened with the portable, can't say I took too much notice with the installed version although did notice the installed version was a bit heavy on resources at times. Dunno, maybe that was why, or maybe just me.

Not using WOT with this version either, noticed the icon taking too long to load or just being greyed out for most sites. I think the latest WOT extension is becoming a bit of a resource hog, and not just with FF.
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