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I've not used FF for a long time. Thought I'd give this version a go - 57.0b4 (64bit)

Seems a bit strange at first. Some things look a bit different to what I've become used to, can't set a default zoom for the browser and the recommended add-on (NoSquint Plus) isn't compatible with this version so I'll have to do it site by site.

Never had any favourite add-ons to begin with so don't miss them like you guys who use it a lot do but anyway, I've installed four so far; Adguard, WOT, Enhancer for YouTube and Note Taker and they all seem to work fine. Set the Theme to solid white, don't like lots of colours and the UI looks quite good. Lots of ways to customise it, something I tend not to have to do anymore with the browsers I use.

Seems quick enough, speed wise, but wouldn't say it was faster than what I use normally. Miss a built in translator and mouse gestures, also speed dial/tableau or whatever, but don't want to load it down with more and more add-ons to acheive that. I do like the way you can remove or add search engines, and set them as default; Qwant, Yandex and so on.

I'm going to keep using it with an totally open mind and see where it goes. Quite enjoying using it, for a change.
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