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Default Firefox 57 beta

My Firefox automatically updated to version 57 "beta" two days ago, to be released in mid-November. I guess this might be interesting for some of you, so here are my first impressions:
  • With the demise of XUL, a lot of extensions won't be possible anymore, others will be "just broken". The list of dead add-ons includes Vimperator, DownThemAll!, OpenDownloadČ and Xmarks. Note that a list of possible replacements exists, listing various qualities.
  • It sure is fast as hell, at least. I still managed to make it freeze on a MediaWiki site (it tends to do that).
  • There are APIs yet to be implemented, e.g. a way to hide the default tab bar. There are a number of "vertical tabs" extensions, but to hide the default one, you'll need to use userChrome.css for now.
  • I actually like the new UI, but I really miss the flexibility of old XULFox.

FWIW, I'm working on a free and self-hosted Xmarks alternative, primarily targeting Firefox and Chrome for the time being. If you are interested in contributing, please message me.
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