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Originally Posted by kendall View Post
A couple questions:

1. I made the decision to change my dns settings via my network settings and not via my router. Does this impact the usefulness or speed of OpenDNS?

2. I know that there is a new software download for OpenDNS. It apparently sits in your tray and updates dynamic IP's in the background. Do I need this if I did not change my router settings?

3. Do most of you use the software, and if so, why?
1. I've set it up both ways over the years. It didn't seem to make a difference in speed.

2. I've never downloaded any software from them. I've always plugged in the DNS numbers in the proper boxes.

3. I don't use OpenDNS myself - for whatever reason it considerably slows down the connection speed and has for some years. Same result whether I configure the router or use network settings.
I started using the Comodo DNS, previous to that I was using DNS Advantage. They are both owned by the same company, and having tried both, there doesn't seem to be a difference in speed.
I use a DNS service because my ISP is usually slower and sometimes downright sluggish on the satellite internet we use.
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