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Originally Posted by danielson View Post
Even "Classic Theme Restorer" is a legacy addon which will likely no longer be supported.
You are right. Classic theme restorer will be dead come Firefox 57. Thats horrendous.

I like a lot of the things I do with CTR but the one that I would not want to miss is being able to open bookmarks as a sidebar, like old browsers. I could get used to tabs on top, etc, but not without the sidebar.

Last year when my XP was dying I switched to Palemoon in that computer. It was pretty good. Of all the Firefox look alike, PM is the only one that I could switch to and fit right in. I am going to try it to have a safety escape valve ready. I am going to check PM later on in a sandbox, give me the link to the theme you like, I ll see if it works in PM. Probably does. In XP I made PM look and function pretty much as my Firefox without having to do much. I think I didn't even have to install CTR.

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