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Originally Posted by danielson View Post
With electrolysis now in the works, I will sadly miss some really decent addons:

-Beyond Australis
-Tab Mix Plus

-FT DeepDark

If anyone has viable alternatives to these, would greatly appreciate your input!
Danielson, you could use Classic theme restorer instead of Beyond Australis. By using it, my Firefox looks and functions pretty much as it did years ago. You look at my Firefox, you don't see anything related to Australis.

By the way, you can disable Multi process if you want. I disable it for no other reason but to prevent a potential conflict with Sandboxie. There has been none for moths but do it for just in case.

You could replace what you did with Baylon by simply right clicking the word and searching with Google. I do that sometimes and would prefer doing that than using an addon for searching a word.

The addons I am using are NoScript, Classic theme restorer, Download YouTuve videos as MP4, and UblockO. They work pretty good with Firefox with or without Multi process. I can also attest Adblock plus is working pretty good with the Firefox sandbox. Thats what I used for many years but switched a few months ago to UBO when ABP was experiencing an issue, nothing to do with Multiprocess but I switched and will stay with UBO as all is well. I use UBO identically to how I used ABP. I also use something called Save from Net Helper, works fine but I don't install it in my system, I keep a sandboxed installation where I install that addon and Flash, and use this sandbox when I need to use those two addons.

The addon for a theme, that should be easy to replace. There are hundreds of them.

Despite all the changes and stuff they done, I wouldn't switch Firefox for nothing. To me, is still the best browser and doubt I ll change it or look for something else as long as its around and I can use NoScript. Thats really the only addon I got to have and cant like without. And till now all seems well and appears it will be also in the future.

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