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Originally Posted by kendall View Post
A couple questions:

1. I made the decision to change my dns settings via my network settings and not via my router. Does this impact the usefulness or speed of OpenDNS?

2. I know that there is a new software download for OpenDNS. It apparently sits in your tray and updates dynamic IP's in the background. Do I need this if I did not change my router settings?

3. Do most of you use the software, and if so, why?
1. I use network settings on computer and it seems quick enough for me - have you seen this thread - - where testing of different DNS speeds is discussed?

2. Whether you choose router or computer settings to access OpenDNS does not change this decision -

3. I don't use the software to monitor IP address as mine rarely changes even though it is dynamic (Virgin Media UK). So I just monitor my IP address myself.
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