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Originally Posted by christoph View Post
There are three free distros (Linux-versions)I recommend you can download for free.

  1. Ubuntu
    lots of applications, good support of hardware, graphics cards, easily obtainable on magazine cds also. If you're on a low bandwidth connection, check your local pc magazine store, and buy one
  2. Linux Mint
    Based on Ubuntu, posh desktop (Gnome) and stunning graphical effects (if you like them), easy to use, haven't seen this one one a magazine cd yet, 700mb to download a live cd
  3. Mandriva
    the free version comes with less than you probably want if used to Windoze, the paid version is some $50,- and sure worth the money, if you want to spend it.
Using Linux is a decision to do without! There are a lot of things, that work the very same, and if you can rearrange your desktop life to use free web services for writing, spreadsheets, presentation, etc. you will not notice a difference. What I personally miss most is a decent text editor like notepad++ in Windoze. Bluefish might be comparable, still testing. Those who like emacs ( ), will be fully served.

But many a time you will feel travelling back in time, say 10 years?

Also you should not be afraid of the command line.

As for gaming I don't know. I can easily do without games. See: "do without".

It's sure worth trying
I like Linux Mint, and I just got elive but haven't had a chance to mess with it.
Here's the home page:

Since downloading distros would put me in the doghouse with my ISP, I've been getting them from this place for years:
Very inexpensive and free shipping. Its located in Canada, but I've never had any trouble from Canada to the US.
Its been the only workable way for me to get new Linux versions.

I think Ubuntu will ship you a free CD.
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