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LOL, don't you just love it.
If you've never had something like that happen to you/your company, then you've never lived on the cutting edge!

I used to be in charge of sending out letters to a quarter of a million people at a time. The main part of the letter was developed as a flash in the printer with just name and address added dynamically.
Obviously we had to test the flash, but didn't have the real numbers to put in it so I used all nines to make sure it fit. We had two laser printers and the slow one was reserverved for testing. Being as it actually cost quite a bit to produce these flashes, when the real figures came out we only applied them to the fast production printer. I stuck big labels and notes all over the place saying NOT to use the slower printer.
I stayed and checked the first batch of letters, then went home to bed.
About three o'clock the next day we started getting irate phone calls from customers wanting to know why we were putting up our prices so much. It eventually turned out that shortly after I had left the main printer broke down and some junior operator had switched all the print queues to the test printer to try to get the letters out in time for the post.
From then on it was made a sackable offence to leave flash disks in any printer after the print run had finished - whether test or production.
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