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Originally Posted by Anupam View Post
It is just a matter of keeping the link to a simple little thing called Control Panel in sight like it was before. Or, they should develop the new system so nicely, that users don't feel the need for Control Panel anymore. That would be a fluid transition, but right now, it isn't.
That's right Anupam. The Settings app still can be considered as a work in progress and has not covered all items in the classic Control Panel. However, for some items that have not been included in the Settings app, it provides Related Settings which actually link back to the classic Control Panel. The following are two typical examples:

Settings > Power & sleep > Related settings > Additional power settings, which actually opens up the Power Options in the Control Panel.

Settings > Printers & scanners > Related settings > Devices and printers, which actually opens up the "Devices and Printers" from the Control Panel.

That said, the classic Control Panel was as good as what it had been, but all new settings are only available in the Settings app, such as Personalization > Colors, Personalization > Start, or Network & Internet > Airplane mode, Mobile hotspot, Data usage, etc.

From what I can see, Microsoft makes all these new settings in the Settings app only and does not work backwards to include them in the Control Panel, which is being phased out gradually.
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