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IMO, Settings is not that developed fully, and they are still making changes to it. So, until it's developed fully, they should keep providing link to Control Panel, which lays out the settings of the system in a nice organized way to which people are used to.

But, instead, people now have to either search for Control Panel or hunt around for the settings they want in Settings, where the settings they want are put under Related Settings, and not even in plain sight. That's highly inefficient.

It is just a matter of keeping the link to a simple little thing called Control Panel in sight like it was before. Or, they should develop the new system so nicely, that users don't feel the need for Control Panel anymore. That would be a fluid transition, but right now, it isn't.

BTW, I found Control Panel under Windows System folder in Start.

And other settings of Control Panel are found in Windows Administrative Tools folder in Start.

The settings are like all over the place right now.

I wonder why didn't people give feedback over this under the Windows Insider Program?
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