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Originally Posted by Anupam View Post
It's fine if they remove the Control Panel, but it should be done when all of the settings from there are provided in Settings, but currently they aren't, and that's a problem. Control Panel will be needed, and users will have to perform extra clicks to reach to it, which is inefficient.

If users didn't had the need for Control Panel anymore, shortcuts to it won't be needed, but since people are making a shortcut for it, indicates that it's still needed, so why remove it?
After adding Apps to the Settings, probably Microsoft thinks that it is time to bring the Settings app upfront for most average users and move the classic Control Panel behind the scene, which is still accessible by advanced or more demanding users.

I guess developing software takes time and it can't be all changed in a short period of a year or so, just like when Edge is available upfront, Microsoft still hides Internet Explorer inside the system for access by those who still need it.

Just my thought.
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