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Originally Posted by Anupam View Post
Another change that I noticed that when you right click on the Windows icon now, you won't find Control Panel, and Programs and Features there. Don't know how many of you have noticed it till now.
I've noticed both of them. Ultimately Microsoft will remove "Control Panel" and "Programs and Features" which will become history and totally be replaced with "Settings" and "Apps and Features". In this Creators' Update, you will see that they're getting closer to that.

"Control Panel" and "Programs and Features" were designed in old days mainly for devices with mouse-and-keyboard input and not very suitable for fingers input, whereas "Settings" and "Apps and Features" are re-designed and responsive to screen widths of desktop and mobile devices, good for fingers input as well as mouse-and-keyboard input.

Microsoft is aiming to standardize their Windows system to cater for all devices; that's the reasons for progressively replacing "Control Panel" with "Settings", as well as the rest.

At this time, I pin a "Control Panel" shortcut to Start so it's accessible from there.

On the top-right of the "Apps and Features" page, there's a "Related Settings" linking to the old "Programs and Features". But I see that "Apps and Features" is good enough for me to use either on desktop or mobile devices.
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