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Originally Posted by MidnightCowboy View Post
Like many things, Compiz was fine on the supposedly `outdated` desktops but everything since then has been a compromise to get it working again. It can also come back to bite you some time after you think you have a stable system with it. Just depends on how badly you want the bells and whistles like Emerald themes and the cube.
Having also uninstalled Compiz and still facing the same problems, I decided on a complete fresh install. I only had a few docs which I managed to save to my external HDD. The install went smoothly and quickly as I had already partitioned the drive and the OS was on a DVD.

I think that I'll steer clear of Compiz for the time being!

PS I think posts #25 to #37 should be moved to the MX-16 thread to avoid confusion, if that's possible?
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