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My thoughts on MX-16 thus far: I'm gradually finding my way round the 'ecosystem' but would still consider myself a Linux novice.

A recent update meant that I couldn't run Firefox because the installed version was 64 bit and my system is only 32 bit. A search on their forums resulted in a link to download the correct version - phew!

After installing Google Earth, MX completely froze on me every time I attempted to use the software; uninstalled via Synaptic.

Upon running MX for the first time I deleted the vertical task bar (don't ask why!) and set up a new horizontal version, to which I then added the appropriate icons. However, I cannot get the MX update notifier icon (the one that looks like an empty white cardboard box) to install, simply because I can no longer find it. I get my updates by logging off and then logging on as another user; this works fine but is a bit of a pain in the proverbial.

When viewing photos in Mirage, I inadvertently clicked on a video and the software went into meltdown: a reboot sorted things and the video played no problem, but for some strange reason my wallpaper had disappeared!

Besides the above-mentioned hiccups, I'm really enjoying Linux and now spend 90% of my PC time on it and the only time I go back to XP is when I need to do some photo retouching or need to run a particular Windows based software.

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