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IMO this goes much deeper than just software development. It’s a society thing. I well remember for example how the current sales techniques became redundant with every new scheme to come out of America to the UK and how many folks were making a mint promoting these at seminars and in-house training workshops. I can’t complain too much because I was one of them. In every aspect of modern life, standing still is dead and a sign of weakness. Everything has to ‘develop’ and be ‘moving forward’ no matter what the cost, and the crinkly mouthed developers responsible for all this somehow manage to convince themselves their second rate results are an improvement. Folks are more stressed and less happy than they have ever been, traditional family life is disintegrating, people have more debt, work longer and harder and have to retire later. This is not development. It’s no surprise to me as a former psychologist that some of the worst affected were those members of the Greek communities that endured years of austerity courtesy of their governments ineptitude and the IMF. It’s also no surprise that those of them who then walked away from modern life and formed cooperatives based on bartering are now less stressed and happier than most of the rest of society. In short, humans are ‘developing’ away from the evolutionary model they were designed for and the forecast is not good unless you can move to the Galapagos.
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