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wdhpr, thanks for bringing this to our attention.

It encapsulates so much I would like to say.

This reminds me of much of the concerns in this forum. We sit here fretting over our systems, as Dedoimedo says.

Every day, I spend hours sitting in front of a computer, doing all sorts of things. A non-insignificant portion of my precious time is spent fretting, wondering when my browser, office suite, desktop environment, or even the operating system itself will suddenly stop working, because some software developer decided they are bored. I don't know if people in the olden age felt this way with their trains, radios, coaches, or whatever, but I doubt it. This Year 2000 kindergarten bull***t needs to stop. Once software development fades into the quiet background it deserves, and companies re-focus on the user, we will see an upsurge in creativity, quality, and fun.
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