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Default Software development chaos

I read an article by dedoimedo exploring software development which he aptly named Modern software development is cancer. Bare in mind I've been reading articles by the man for years mostly his reviews of new Linux distros. Since I've became dissatisfied with the newer distros I only visit his website from time to time to see how or if, Linux is progressing.

So the reason for this thread is how dedoimedo captured my interest on likely reasons for the decline of Linux. Come to think of it, it could explain why I'm still using Kubuntu 14 and prefer Win7 over Win10. Although IMO Win10 is a heck of allot better than the newer Linux crap that's been coming out.

Back to the article, I feel he nailed it with how development has taken priority over what users are looking for. I've always believed in the 'Keep it Simple' principal and elegance over technical complexity. Anyway its a good read, I recommend ya all take a look.
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