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Default Making MX-16 better on SSD

Moka icons are much spiffier, crispier in color and detail. Thanks!

Wondering about enhancing MX-16 on an SSD.
Have it presently dual booting with Win 10 on a unique / partition.
Wonder how and if setting it up on Btrfs would go?
Have never tried it.
Should i set an extended partition with / and Btrfs?

A recent and favorable Btrfs article:

Choosing the Best Linux Filesystem for Your SSD - Make Tech Easier-
The Btrfs filesystem also supports TRIM, a very important feature for SSD owners. TRIM allows for the wiping of unused blocks, something critical to keeping a solid-state drive healthy on Linux. Filesystem TRIM is supported by other filesystems. This really isn’t the main reason to consider Btrfs for your solid-state drive when using Linux.

A good reason to consider Btrfs is the snapshot feature. Though it is very true that the same thing can be accomplished on other file systems with an LVM setup, other filesystems do not come close to how useful it can be. With Btrfs, users can easily take snapshots of filesystems and restore them at a later date if there are any issues. For users looking for the best SSD support on Linux, it’s crazy not to at least give Btrfs a look.
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