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Originally Posted by danielson View Post
@MidnightCowboy - okay, i'm ready to pickup the challenge!
How do you go about to find and install those fancy Moka icons?
Note we are not actually installing the Moka theme, just using the icons.

Download the icon set as a .deb file from this link.
  • Extract it and find the icons in the extracted usr, share, icons, Faba folder
  • I usually pick the 24x24 folder and then save the “apps” and “places” folders to my own themes directory.
  • Add a blank launcher to the panel and then assign an application to it (which will obviously arrive with the system assigned icon)
  • Right-click this icon and select “properties”
  • Click the bottom button to “edit the currently selected item”, then click the icon image.
  • At the top where it says “Select icon from”, from the drop-down list choose “Image Files”
  • Navigate to the folder where you stored your icon set and select the appropriate image then click “OK”, “Save” and “Close”.
  • Repeat the procedure for other app icons, places or even the system menu icon if you wish.
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