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Originally Posted by MidnightCowboy View Post
So, music buffs, which artists\bands do you remember most for their one-hit wonders?
This one is easy for me, MC. A few seconds after reading your post, "Please be with me" came to mind.

This beautiful song was written by Scott Boyer, the leader of a group from Macon, Georgia called Cowboy, thats right the group was called Cowboy. This band never got to be well known, only big fans of late 60s and early 70s Southern music fans knew about them (like me).

Boyer and Cowboys main contribution to music was Please be with me. That was their only big hit. Probably the only reason this song became a hit and well known was because Eric Clapton covered it and released it in one of his albums. That was Boyer's big break.

For me personally, Please be with me is one of my all time favorites, I dont know, top 50 maybe. I posted it at least 2 or 3 times before in this thread. My favorite version is one of the 2 recordings Boyer and Cowboy did with Duane Allman. Duane plays dobro and sounds fantastic. Here is the version with Duane.

And the Slowhand (Clapton) version.

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