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I don't get an account with OpenDNS and then select options etc - I just paste their DNS server IPs into the routers I want them on.

If you do it this way, the result is faster than your ISP DNS, you don't get a delay then trash advertising on a failed domain URL, and you don't give your ISP more data on what you are doing.

Also you don't get a delay while OpenDNS checks if you have an account with them, and another delay while they check every DNS request you make against their domains database for your specific feature requests eg child protection etc.

Just paste these into your router's 3 DNS server slots:

The reason I've repeated one for slot 3 is that ISPs are now trying to defeat OpenDNS, by remote inclusion of their own DNS server in slot 3 and then using slot 3 for DNS queries. Cunning huh.

Eventually we will see a row developing over this, and angry customers asking whether ISPs have a legal right to remotely reprogram peoples' routers and then use a DNS service they don't want, and then serve them advertising they don't want.

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