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Thanks for the links kendall.a, I'll have a look through them. Funny you should mention Maxthon because I find Edge to be similar in appearance the Maxthon I used to use.

eyeb; uBlock Origin is in the store but it's still listed as a preview build so doesn't show in the Edge apps section - I think. You can get it from the Store via this link;

Clicking that link will open the Store page for uBlock and also the Web page for the app, it will open in a new tab in your browser. You can also download uBlock from GitHub, here;

You can follow the various releases from there. But, because it's a preview, to install the extension you'll have to go to the flags page in Edge;


.... and there you can tick the box 'Enable extension developer features' under 'Developer settings' You'll need to re-start Edge for the change to take effect. If you're not sure about this then have a look at the guide, here;

If you want to try the WOT for Edge extension you can download it here;

.... use the same method to install it.

Because they're both previews, they won't load automatically when you open Edge. Instead, a prompt appears at the bottom of the browser when you open it asking if you want to enable the extensions - or you can enable them manually from 'Settings' - 'Extensions' in the drop down settings menu.

One other thing about uBlock. You have to update your third party filters when you first open the browser. It's a bug but takes only a few seconds to do when you start the browser, probably one of the reasons why it's not yet listed in the Store officially. However, I've found uBlock Origin to be much better than the other ad-blockers listed in the Store. It works very well.

I use the same security as you, what the system provides, including the SmartScreen Filter. You can run demo's of the filter to see how it works, here;

Just click the various boxes to see the warning screens.
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