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Default Microsoft Edge

Does anyone who runs Win10 use Edge seriously for browsing, or just think of it as a joke, rubbish, not worth the bother etc?

Over the past few months I've been using it more and more and have grown to like using it. I've tried it, on and off, since I first began to use Win10 at the very beginning, and back then I wasn't overly impressed with it - no extensions, ad blocker and all the rest of it. But after the AU, and subsequent cumulative updates to the OS, support for extensions, Edge has become much better, to the point where I reckon it's a very capable browser. It's quick and light, as it should be seeing as how it's built in to the OS.

I have four extensions installed. uBlock Origin, Translator, Mouse Gestures and WOT for Edge. Since being able to install these extensions Edge has become a much better option for Web browsing. The built in Reader View, the ability to annotate and share pages I'm fiding useful also.

I never use Internet Explorer, and the only other browser I have installed is Opera Stable. I find myself using Opera less often though, and Edge is becoming the browser I use the most, to the extent that I'm thinking of setting as default and be done with it.

Never really seen much mention of it here on the forum so I'm assuming no one bothers with it and just prefer to stay with other browsers of their choice, for their own reasons ie; better browsing experience, quicker, better add-on support, more secure, more private etc?

Not expecting much feedback to this as I really don't think many/any of you guys will use it. Just curious
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