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Originally Posted by Melita-s View Post
Service Manuals, on the other hand, always come in .pdf format and they all open in Adobe Reader. Because they open in Adobe Reader I am assuming (correctly I hope), that they are genuine .pdf documents.
If you can open them in Adobe Reader, they should be pdf documents. As a test, see if you can highlight and copy text from them. That will immediately tell you whether there is a text layer in the pdf or they are pictures.

And yes, as EldonW suggested, there is an OCR plugin for PDF-XChange Viewer which you can try if you find you are dealing with pictures. I have used it once before and it works okay. If you are going this far, you might want to try PDF-XChange Editor instead. It is the successor to PDF-XChange Viewer. There is a portable version that is stealth too, so you can simply delete it when you are done.
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